Time Leaps On

When we are young, life seems an endless drama and all teenagers like us enjoy in it. So, in childhood's bright and timeless seasons, happiness always lingers long. We can do whatever we want to do, fluttering fully the wings of youth, for puberty are always teeming with opportunities in the near future.

But alas as old when we grow , the pace of life is quickened. Time leaps on second by second, in spite of our crying or regreating for its vanishing. People would gradully notice that they have no choice to return to the youth. The magnificent palace once splendid in the ancient China have now become piles of debris, and so have their dreams.

However, there is nothing to gain for regreating for the passing days. Youth's bloom may pass, it beauties wane, but so does its anguish and its pain.

It is now that is the only time we can grasp, and all men of wisdom would know how to make full use of it.

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